Friday, April 18, 2014

Ham equipment for sale from SK operator W5VXI

David Binns, W5VXI became a SK a few weeks ago...  David was a long time friend and a ham for nearly 70 years...  David was a retired Broadcast Engineer and his business fabricated control panels for radio communications users like Motorola.

David's equipment is listed below and is in excellent condition...  His Grand Son, David Brown is handling the liquidation and he is not a ham but has Jeff, N5TMC that lives near by and  K5BMR to help him with any questions...

It is OK if you want to forward this information to anyone else...

David Brown's contact information is:

David Brown

73 de George K5BMR

Yaesu FT-950 HF/50 MHz Transceiver: $1,000+shipping or can pickup locally in Dallas,TX area

Ameritron ALS-600+ALS-600PS (Amp & Power Supply): $1,000+shipping or can pickup locally in Dallas,TX area

LDG Electronics AT-1000Pro Autotuner: $350+shipping or can pickup locally in Dallas,TX area

Yaesu SP-2000 External Speaker: $150+shipping or can pickup locally in Dallas,TX area

Yaesu MD-100A8X Desktop Mic: $110+shipping or can pickup locally in Dallas,TX area

Yaesu VX-7R Handheld Quad Band Transceiver (includes mic & software CD): $215+shipping or can pickup locally in Dallas,TX area

Kenwood TM-271A VHF FM Transceiver (includes mic & bracket): $125+shipping or can pickup locally in Dallas,TX area

Kenwood TM-D710A Dual Band Mobile: $375+shipping or can pickup locally in Dallas,TX area

Ameritron RCS-8V (remote coax switch): $100+shipping or can pickup locally in Dallas,TX area

Thursday, April 10, 2014

NWS Lubbock Skywarn Training Webinars - April 24 and May 6

 NWS Lubbock Skywarn Training Webinars - April 24 and May 6

NWS Partners,

We continue to expand our presence with our Skywarn Spotter Training Program. In addition to our Online Training Modules and our Live Training sessions, we will host two live Skywarn webinars this spring

The first one of these will be our standard Skywarn Basic Spotter Training course in late April. Our second webinar will be an Advanced Skywarn course in early May. This course will go into much greater depth with a few subjects such as hodographs, the Rear Flank Downdraft, severe weather parameters, and spotter safety considerations. Details including time, date, and GoToMeeting links for these courses are listed below.

For those of you that may have missed our Live Training this spring, this will be an excellent opportunity to access live training from the comfort of your home or office. We encourage emergency management personnel and spotter program leaders to host this training at your site if at all possible, especially if your local spotters have missed training recently.
If you do that, please let us know the number of trainees in attendance so we can keep track of the number of spotters trained. 

Last May, our Basic Skywarn webinar attracted 160 people from 28 states and 4 countries. We are hoping for even more involvement this year. Please pass along to anyone in your area that might be interested. Please let me know if you have further questions.

Jody James
Warning Coordination Meteorologist
National Weather Service
2579 South Loop 289, Suite 100
Lubbock, TX  79424
Office 806.745.3916 x223  Mobile 806.773.2705

NWS Lubbock Skywarn Basic Spotter Training
Join us for a Webinar on April 24
Inline image 1

Space is limited.

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:
This will be our first spotter training webinar this spring, and will cover the basics of Skywarn spotter training including climatology, understanding thunderstorms, supercells and accessory clouds, and tornadoes and other circulations. We will conclude with reporting methods and spotter safety considerations. This course is intended for storm spotters in the South Plains and Rolling Plains of West Texas, but the concepts covered can be applied anywhere.

NWS Lubbock Skywarn Basic Spotter Training
Thursday, April 24, 2014
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM CDT

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.
NWS Lubbock Skywarn Advanced Spotter Training
Join us for a Webinar on May 6
Inline image 2

Space is limited.

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:
This will be our first advanced spotter training webinar. Topics covered include severe weather parameters, advanced spotter safety, Rear Flank Downdraft, CAPE, Supercell accessory clouds, and other advanced topics.

This course is intended for storm spotters in the South Plains and Rolling Plains of West Texas, but the concepts covered can be applied anywhere.

NWS Lubbock Skywarn Advanced Spotter Training
Tuesday, May 6, 2014
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM CDT

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

System Requirements for both webinars
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server
Mac®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.6 or newer

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lubbock Texas Preparedness Fair 3/29/14

The Lubbock Preparedness Fair is scheduled for Saturday 29th.  LAMA is participating along with LAMAComm, Militia Supply, and LARC.   We will meet at Militia Supply on Friday evening the 28th to get all of our gear together and loaded so that we can get an early start.  We will meet at the church on Frankford at 8am to set up.  The fair itself starts at 10am and will run until 3pm.

We need everyone who can to be there to help meet and greet a bunch of people.  This is a great opportunity to get our message out to like minded people.


Visit LAMA (Lubbock Area Mutual Aid) at:


Saturday, March 15, 2014

#contest: NCJ North American SSB Sprint

Greetings North American Contesters,

First, as a recent NAQP and/or NCJ Sprint contestant we want to thank you for your recent participation.  We greatly appreciate your continued support and hope you enjoyed the competition.

Secondly we wanted to send a quick reminder and formally invite you to participate in the NCJ North American SSB Sprint tonight.

The contest operating period is  this evening, 8pm to Midnight Eastern Time, 5pm to 9 pm Pacific Time (0000Z-0400Z, Mar 16)

North America Sprint contests are 4 hour short format competitions that make it easy for operators that are unable to put in 12-36 hours to compete effectively.

The contest has a friendly exchange that can be learned quickly.  Even if you are unable to put in a full 4 hours, it will be a great opportunity to get on the air and practice this unique style of contesting and make a few QSO’s during the event.

Rules, operating information and newly updated frequency recommendations can be found at the following PDF link on the NCJ website

additional information can be found on the NCJ website at

Thanks for the bandwidth, and we look forward to hearing you on the air

Contest Manager, National Contest Journal
North American Sprint SSB

Monday, March 10, 2014

#Saturday #Hamradio Exams - #LUBBOCK - #TEXAS - MARCH 15 - 10.00 AM CDT

Ham Radio Exams
Date:Saturday March 15, 2014
Time:10:00 am - 11:00 am (GMT-06.00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Location:Salvation Army Headquarters, Location: Salvation Army Headquarters, 1111 16th St Downtown Lubbock, between 16th and 17th Streets, next to the big tower, just north of Alderson car dealership., Lubbock, TX, 806-765-5526
Notes:All necessary forms will be furnished to you.

Please bring:
- Social security number (or FRN)
- Photo ID (preferably drivers license)
- Original and photocopy of your current license (if you are a Ham)
- Original and photocopy of any CSCEs
- A simple calculator may be helpful. It should have nothing more sophisticated than trig functions -- no PDAs, no phones.
A pen and pencil.
NOTE: - $15 test fee -- exact change preferred (Cash or Check---No credit cards accepted)

Friday, February 28, 2014

Lunch gathering at the Wild Magnolia, 730 East Church Street, Martinsville, Va. on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at 1 PM.

Lunch gathering at the Wild Magnolia, 730 East Church Street, Martinsville, Va. on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at 1 PM.

Wild Magnolia is located in back portion of Patrick Henry Mall.  

 So bring a friend or the family. No reservations needed. Just show up around 1 PM.   
 For more information or directions call Fred @ 276.340.6709.
 Hope to see you there.

Monday, February 24, 2014

EVERY MONDAY : 2 Meter - Lubbock, Crosbyton, Levelland, Post Net

There will be a Simplex round table meeting on 446.350, going on to 146.480 after the normal Monday Nite Net.  Please keep in mind that in the70cm band all frequencies for phone use, other than 432.10 and 446.000, are shared auxiliary/repeater/control links.  Thus, some radios may automatically set a tone and offset.  Radios will need to be programmed in advance.

The Lubbock Amateur Radio Club has a weekly net on the Hublink System on Monday nights at 20:00

All Amateur Radio Operators are invited to participate.  You do NOT have to be a member of LARC to check-in. 

The following list is the linked Repeaters.  Please let other hams not on this mailing list know about
the net.

 RX Frequency   Offset   TX Frequency   PL Tone      City
147.000             -           146.400            179.9           Lubbock
147.160             +          147.760            179.9           Crosbyton
146.780             -           146.180            179.9           Levelland
146.640             -           146.040            179.9           Littlefield
147.060             +          147.660            179.9           Post 

In case the 147.000 repeater is not operational, our temporary backup repeater will be
147.200, + offset, PL tone 162.2.  However, this repeater is not linked to the Hublink Repeater System.

Please volunteer to be Net Control if you can.  We would like to rotate the Net Control position so everyone has the chance to run the net, so they may become practiced in Net Operations. Remember also about the LARC repeater that is often used on Tuesday nights as members make their way to the clubhouse for our monthly meetings and weekly open houses. If you need help finding your way out to the clubhouse or have any other questions about the LARC please jump on our repeater and give us a call!  The club call sign is K5LIB, and the frequency is 443.075 MHz, + offset, PL tone 88.5.

Net Control: KF5QIS 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

RFI to 2 meter spectrum by consumer electronics is reported. ACTION MAY BE REQUIRED!

See Gerry Grant wb5r response at the button.

The following message was forwarded by another member of the Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum - I think you'll find it interesting.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a message on the reflector about 2 meter RFI
that completely rendered the 2 meter spectrum unusable. While I got a few
suggestions about common sources, this was something completely new to me at

At last the source of the RFI has finally been positively identified!

To recap, the wideband RFI centered on 145 MHz which began in mid-December
was isolated to a specific house in Caldwell, NJ about 700
feet from my home. The RF level was about 20db over S-9, or nearly 1
millivolt, yes, "millivolt', at my receiver. It wiped out the entire 2 meter
band as well as the lower portion of the public safety and aircraft

While the RFI sounded like AC line buzz, looking at it on a spectrum
analyzer showed a 20 MHz wide signal that swept and pulsated. PSEG (the local electric provider) was
instrumental in first identifying that the RFI was wideband and close to the
residence in question as I had determined from walking the area. I then used
a 4 element, 2 meter yagi to positively identify the direction of the source.
I considered that the problem might be channel 18 leakage from Comcast cable,
but that did not prove to be the case.

I was able to talk to the home owner who was very cooperative in working
with me to find the source. I first thought that it was associated with TV
usage but several tests did not yield the precise problem though the
Comacast cable box and Samsung large screen TV were able to be heard inside
the house on my Yaesu HT in AM mode but nowhere near the level I was seeing
at times at my home. It seemed that when the homeowner was not home the RFI
would disappear and in that case TV's were off.

Today, another test was made where the homeowner turned off all TV's and the
RFI was still present. She then started tripping breakers and the RFI
completely disappeared! It was now positive that the RFI was from something
In the home. Further testing revealed the source as 9 LED lamps in the
kitchen that had been installed in mid-December, at the time I first noticed
the beginning of the problem.

The lamps were obtained at Home Depot, and are the Eco-Smart brand, MR-16 halogen replacements, and are rated at 50w = 8 watts consumption. Obviously
this is going to become a really big problem, not only for PSEG as people
bite the bullet and purchase these things, but it will also become a FCC
issue as well, as they clearly exceed any radiated emission spec's for
consumer devices.

For now, since we know the source of the problem, I am working out with the
homeowner a plan to perhaps go back to the halogen lamps. This problem needs
to be escalated to Home Depot, the FCC, and anybody else that should be
notified before the entire 2 meter spectrum is lost to licensed users in
this country and others.

So, if you are thinking about LED replacements as was I, it might not be the
best thing to do or if you do, make sure you can return them or take up some
other hobby!

73, Roger, NJ2R

Response from Gerry Grant WB5R

The author of this email seems to think the solution is at hand.  This may not be the case.  This situation is due to a few things.  One is the fact that Home Depot in the New York area had a bad shipment of these lamps from the manufacturer and the next door neighbor should return the defective ones to them ASAP.  I am sure that he did determine exactly which one(s) were defective.  Another thing is the power supply for these lamps could also be defective.  If it is a wall wart type device then it definitely is at fault and should be replaced.

I have been on many site inspections for noise that seems to be so bad that it is not able to be solved.  There has to be something causing the noise in every case.  Finding the exact cause sometimes does take quite a while.   I do like the idea of cutting off the breaker(s) to determine a more exact location.  Some times this is a problem as the noise is carried via the ground wiring in a home.  But getting it down to a circuit is a great start.

You power company should have employees who can assist you with this effort.  I know that ours has specialized equipment and trained personnel for just such instances.  They also have ham radio operators on staff.  That really helps.

Good luck and 73's
Gerry Grant   wb5r
Lubbock, TX

Saturday, February 15, 2014

WMD Awareness-Level Training Course (ICS 400) AND Intermediate Incident Command System for Expanding Incidents (ICS 300)

Reminder The following Courses have been scheduled for First Quarter 2014 at
the Lubbock Sheriff's Academy.

TCLEOSE credit will be awarded for these courses.

Please go to to register for these courses

Please pass along to anyone needing the ICS courses.

8 to 5 Day 1, 8 to Noon Day 2
ICS 400
Advanced Incident Command System, Command and General Staff

March 13, 2014 8 to 5
WMD Awareness-Level Training Course
March 17-18, 2014 8 to 6
ICS 300
Intermediate Incident Command System for Expanding Incidents

Clinton Thetford
Emergency Management Coordinator
Lubbock County Texas
P.O. Box 10536
Lubbock, Texas 79408

(806) 775-1911 Office